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Edge to Edge:   $0.02 per square inch

The cost is determined by measuring the width and length of the top to get the square inch. 

Example:  60" x 70" = 4,200". Multiply that number by 0.02 and it gives you a cost of $84.00 for the quilting.

Thread Charge:   $6.00 (One to Two Bobbins)

There will be an additional cost of $3.00 per bobbin should more than 2 bobbins be used in the quilting pattern. The density of your pattern selection would be the determining factor in the additional cost.

Minimum Charge:    $45.00 (Thread included)

Leaders:   $5.00/seam

This service would be added if the backing was not large enough to load on the frame. Please check the Resource page for additional information on backing.

Backing:    $5.00/seam (You supply fabric)

Binding:    $0.10/linear inch Applied Only 

                             $0.20/linear inch Finished By Machine

                          (You supply fabric)

Pressing:  $5.00 each (Quilt Top and/or Backing)  only if needed

**At this time I am only offering Edge to Edge but plan on doing custom in the future. 

**Checks made payable to Dragonfly Quilting or Cash. Credit Cards not available at this time.


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